Christmas in progress

1 January 2022

Making beautiful things is a joy to do. It’s even better to work with family and friends. Now is the time to decorate the house with craft stars, candles and balls. But if you do have a ceramic kiln, it is best to make the nativity scene in stone. This is how this community project was born. Adults and children came by in small groups to contribute in their own way. Human figures formed a circle around the manger with baby Jesus, becoming a still but living nativity scene. Others made sheep and angels outside their roles. I am still waiting for the coming of shepherds and wise men from the east. The story is far from finished; Christmas is in progress.

I also did this project once with groups 3 and 6 of primary school. It was quite a challenge for group 4 to make figures that were strong enough for someone else to lean on (Whopper training illustration). I had given each of them a bank card for the size of the figures and that did help with the stability of the entire structure. Group 6 threw themselves diligently on a roof of angels and shepherds of all shapes and sizes. The nice thing is that everyone can participate and choose the role he or she plays. There is always room for more children, if necessary the stable will be given a side wing or a whole herd of sheep will be added.